you only seem to appreciate
the uniqueness of special
when I go off without you

do you see your own hypocrisy
when you go off without me
making special memories

while you expect me
to just sit here
waiting for you?



I think I’m funny
at a subconscious level.
I think I’m funny
so deep in my psyche
I belt out jokes
without thinking before I speak.
I want to make friends
and keep them for life.
But I think I’m funny
so that’s not working out
like I had hoped it would
because I’m not funny.

Ashes to Ashes

from energy and matter

hung a shameful tatter
which, like a wick
from a keg of powder,
lit as life only got badder

from a one-rung ladder–
from where hope fell
as screams grew louder,
love replaced empty patter

here among the ashes
where energy used to matter.

Wind Chime Monogamy

she was in love with the wind
she’d linger on the porch
waiting for the morning breeze
to waft through her being

everyday her lover would come
embracing her
moving through her
pulling song from within her

her lover’s love
made her feel alive
until one dark evening
when another was hung beside her

she’d never before been jealous
never considered herself competitive
doesn’t now, if you’d ask her
but she most certainly was

the other’s song sounded sweeter
seemed to get more of her lover
seemed to have somehow robbed her
of the source of all her beauty

to suggest they sing together
to hint she could share the wind
was worse than cutting her string
and tossing her into the yard to rust

she would rather die
as discarded scrap metal
than to hang here another day
sharing her lover with another

Object In A Hotel Mirror

Spiral through dreamscape eyes
Time ticks beneath her mind
Where have all the good times gone
Up audacious flaring nostrils
Fueling unspeakable truths

Lost among the other slaves
She hears her mother’s voice
Intoned in ceaseless wind
Whistling through a window frame
Condemning unspeakable truths

Mascara cannot hide the ugly
She sees in her own reflection
As she smashes her own reflection
Blood falling among the shattered
Consequences of unspeakable truths

In lyrics she can not forget
From a song she can not remember
She slows and deepens troubled breath
Closes her eyes and heart to context
Lifting herself from unspeakable truths

Dressed in sweaty wrinkles
Deep cuts bound in toilet paper gauze
Makeup wiped from bruised cheeks
She opens the door ahead
Leaving behind unspeakable truths

Down the bright but lonely road
She meets a fellow walking slow
Asks him where he intends to go
And joins him on recovery’s road
Where she finally speaks the truth


Having that key
meant more to me
than just a way in.

It represented
a bond between us
considered permanent.

Were my desires
such an abomination;
such a threat?

Did you have to
banish me that way;
taking back your key?