Stand to the side so the mirror
can’t see you, and you will see
the opposing wall, empty or
decorated with any number of

If another mirror hangs there,
angled just right so as to not
see the mirror through which
you peer, then around a corner,
into somewhere new you’ll see.

Move into the light and into
view of the mirror so she looks
directly at you looking directly
at her, and you will see yourself
for a chance at introspection.

But do not linger there too long,
and remain cautious of the one
who turns to face you and continues
to reflect you back at you as you
step intentionally to the side.

Mirrors that never look away
but stare only directly at you
may make you feel desirable,
but those obsessed mirrors
reflect nothing new.

Looking into such a mirror, you
can’t see around the next corner
or identify opposition. You can
only look intently at yourself until
you realize you’ve seen it all.

Look to fill your life with mirrors
angled toward tomorrow, because
those are the mirrors helping you
see farther than you can alone and
help you prepare for what’s to come.


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