Just This Once

Huddle close to candle light
Shovel mein from box to face
Decide between impossibilities
Inconvenienced by the storm out there
Losing your mind to the storm inside

This is your life

Whereabouts do you go from here
Having known love that never really was
Discovering the child locked within
Who has been running the show all along
Blinding you to the simplest truth

This is your life

Each time you mumble it
Between fork-loads of take-out
With that much more conviction
You slowly talk yourself into faith
In the only reality you can’t evade

This is your life

Do with it what you will
If you think you can identify
Whatever it is you really want
Besides making others to fall in line
Just to serve your every whim

This is your life

Blow out the candle
Put down the cold chow
Step out into the storm
Live just this once
Before you die


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