Just This Once

Huddle close to candle light
Shovel mein from box to face
Decide between impossibilities
Inconvenienced by the storm out there
Losing your mind to the storm inside

This is your life

Whereabouts do you go from here
Having known love that never really was
Discovering the child locked within
Who has been running the show all along
Blinding you to the simplest truth

This is your life

Each time you mumble it
Between fork-loads of take-out
With that much more conviction
You slowly talk yourself into faith
In the only reality you can’t evade

This is your life

Do with it what you will
If you think you can identify
Whatever it is you really want
Besides making others to fall in line
Just to serve your every whim

This is your life

Blow out the candle
Put down the cold chow
Step out into the storm
Live just this once
Before you die


On The Other Side

This is the story of our love.
You take a step toward the side of the wall
content to walk the long way around.
I stand before the wall,
arms extended, ready to climb.
You pause just out of sight.
I pause with both feet on the ground.

This is the story of our love.
You wait to see if I will join you
while I wait to see if you will join me
until we each tire of waiting
and move on without the other,
content to meet up again
on the other side.


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A Love Story

Hand-in-hand we walked together
laughing and talking all the way.
Your fragrance wafted up to me,
pulling me helplessly to you.

You stopped to smell a rose
growing in a stranger’s yard.
You smiled, bounced, and squeed
in childlike delight.

Impulsively, I plucked the rose
and picked the thorns from the stem.
I presented it as a loving gesture
as if I hadn’t just stolen it from another.

Could you smell the intention and care
the gardener had taken to grow that rose?
Did it smell like a prize-worthy flower
plucked days before it would win its prize?

Was there any way I could have known
I was ruining someone’s passion
by thoughtlessly taking a single rose
for our selfish pleasure?

True romance cannot only be about us.
We must consider those around us,
loving and caring even for strangers
as we selflessly serve one another.

In retrospect, I could have loved you more
By leaving the rose where we found it,
bringing you back to smell it joyfully
until the gardener, or nature, took it away.

That rose–
that selfish love–
it was not ours to take.


Others can see it in ways you’ll never fully appreciate.
I’m more lovable than ever before.
More patient and kind.
More receptive to those reaching out.
More generous to those in need.
More because you’ve left your signature touch on my life.

The Ride

Steep anticipation climaxed in a wild thrill.
A comforting turn quickly followed.

You could see,
even then,
the ride would keep going.

G-force yanked from you
another excited squee
as you were helplessly pulled
up and down
and side-to-side.

You raised your hands
in reckless abandon,
surrendered to momentum.

Just as you were feeling comfortable
wishing this joy would never end
you were slammed to a sudden halt
as the ride came to a full and complete stop.

On your way out
you were invited to get back in line
behind a bunch of eager suitors
for a chance to do it all again
once others were given opportunity
to ride.

Find Your Tribe

The people
around you
may not be
your best fit.

You may feel
committed to them
for one reason
or another.

They are
your family.
They have been
close since college.
They are good,
respectable people.

they could
still be
wrong for you.

They might not be
the tribe your heart is searching for.

If they truly love you,
they will respect your need
to leave them
right where they are
while you seek
other relationships.

Never stop looking
until you find your tribe.