Without Such Folly

I am not sorry. Even if custom mandates I owe you an apology, I will not utter such. Not out of pride. Not out of refusal of my wrong. But, in acknowledgement of my right. Look at the evidence before you. Look again, with empathy. Consider who I could have been. Consider how a lesser man might have been. I was not perfect. But, when was that ever the standard? I was not noble, but what knight was truly so? I was. Genuine, honest, intoxicated, but not beyond redemption. And where I failed, the record shows where my allies guard my soul, defending our honor, championing for all I once rallied to achieve. I have accomplished more than my own greatness. I have inspired it in others–in you. The evidence shows a legacy extending beyond self, woven through the fibers of destiny, ensnaring us all and each in endless potential. For this, an apology would only prove to miss the point altogether. To such folly, I will never again succumb.


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