Without Such Folly

I am not sorry. Even if custom mandates I owe you an apology, I will not utter such. Not out of pride. Not out of refusal of my wrong. But, in acknowledgement of my right. Look at the evidence before you. Look again, with empathy. Consider who I could have been. Consider how a lesser man might have been. I was not perfect. But, when was that ever the standard? I was not noble, but what knight was truly so? I was. Genuine, honest, intoxicated, but not beyond redemption. And where I failed, the record shows where my allies guard my soul, defending our honor, championing for all I once rallied to achieve. I have accomplished more than my own greatness. I have inspired it in others–in you. The evidence shows a legacy extending beyond self, woven through the fibers of destiny, ensnaring us all and each in endless potential. For this, an apology would only prove to miss the point altogether. To such folly, I will never again succumb.



I can’t stand still,
and not just because of ADD.

I can’t stay the same
from day to day.

Week to week and year to year,
the old me dies away.

New life rises
from death
As I inhale
new breath

Onward I keep moving
straying from the status quo

Weakness aches over brittle bones
Muscles knot and burn

Still, I can not stop or stand still
For in this journey, I find my home.

Pre-Monster Stress

There’s just something
I can’t put my finger on
setting me off today.

I was unprepared for
the unexpected
face I saw in the mirror.

Then today was one of those days
I lived a sadder story
than child me once dreamed.

To add insult to injury,
I tripped on the curb
stepping away from accidental,

only to spill coffee
all down the front of me,
ruining my favorite scene.

So, don’t take this as rejection, but
I have to go
before you see the worst of me.


I catch sight of you
standing back,
staring awkwardly.

What questions do
you ask yourself
about what you see?

What do you see?

Every so often
you are touched;
brushed against.

At first you spoke,
drawing attention;
indicating full stop.

Now you withdraw,
pulling away;
creating space.

I am left to wonder
what touch tells you
it isn’t telling me.

Why do you flee?


Every so often
I catch an image
Or an aroma
That entangles me

It takes hold of
My imaginings
Stirring wonder
Best ignored

A high like drunkenness
Inhibitions cling to sane
And I try to remember
My own humble name

I will always be
This man I choose
And consequence
She reminds me

I have chosen wisely.