Mirror shattered in pieces at my feet
I consider telling you it slipped
Accidentally sliding from my grasp
But the truth accurately places blame on me

I lifted that mirror intent to hold it
To steady it firmly in my grasp
While I admired my own beauty
Adoring the image reflected back

But when you walked by my door
Glancing in on me with that look
Asking what I thought I was doing
I let go of the mirror without thinking

I opened my fingers intentionally
As if you wouldn’t hear it crash
As if the shards wouldn’t scatter
Trying to hide shame I shouldn’t have felt

It would have been so much easier
To have explained the mirror in hand
Than to try to justify the shards of glass
Disseminated across the hardwood floor

Shaking your head and walking away
Telling me to clean up my own mess
You don’t linger to see the first tear
Fall toward my kaleidoscopic reflection

I knelt down toward the fragments of me
Reflecting upon my sudden recognition
That this image would never ameliorate
And I would be forever shattered

Into these million little pieces.


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