I’m a clanging cymbal
A resounding gong
Making noise
Drawing attention

While you, unassuming
Chill in the background
Tapping Mozart against the table
Feeling sophisticated and sh*t
Content just to be in the room

Those who know me best can see
I glance back at you
And then at my feet
They know I’m jealous of you–
Your hair
Your musical talent
Your vocabulary
And how artfully you use them all

I’m listening
Paying close attention
To how you roll
Hoping to learn
What makes you tick
Not so I could be more like you
But so I will know how best
To introduce you
To all my friends


One thought on “Joe

  1. I really like the growth in this – you can see through the emotions tempered through each stanza that the speaker is working through their feelings and the result is a stronger person, a stronger bond, and a stronger poem. 🙂

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