A Rant About An Incomplete Thesaurus

How can there be
no synonym
for interosculate
in your thesaurus?

If you can define it,
how can you not
draw connections
between it
and other words?

Did bridge or bind
simply not come to mind?
You’ve got three synonyms
—link, interpenetrate and inosculate–
right there in the definition!

Synonyms abound for link:
associate, bind, connect…
but apparently the nuance
of interosculate’s meaning
just didn’t have another
close enough to stand in.

No, the proposed alternatives
are not perfectly identical
in meaning,
but neither are others
you seem comfortable comparing.
For example,
there is odor,
listed in your thesaurus
as a synonym for aroma
as if one of these could
justifiably serve
in place of the other.

In spite of my complaint
I do derive some joy
from the absurdity
of your unwillingness
to draw connecting links
between other words
and a word that means
to form connecting links.


*In response to dictionary.com’s word of the day: “Interosculate.” and the lack of results for this word at thesaurus.com


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