Unchained Happiness

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Be Resolved.”

When first I entered your chamber
As though in the presence of a god
I bowed humbly at your feet
Believing every word from your lips.

You spoke of facing great difficulty.
Of slaying the ghosts of common men.
—–Of rising above.
———-Of becoming great.
Earning the throne upon which you sat.

As a pet, you kept a dragon chained
Her head resting at your feet

“Approach with caution,” you warned.
“Better yet, leave this monster be.
She will bite your head off if you get too close.
Her apparent gentleness is fantasy.”

Regarding others, I listened close
As you spoke of fundamental flaws.
Their personalities were no good.
They were lesser, and to be treated so.

I even let you speak of me,
Apologizing when you called me out
For judgment, denial, duality and hypocrisy.

For so long as I bowed and believed
I remained in my lord’s good graces.

But I had approached your dragon.
I had pet her gentle mane.
I had smelled her breath upon my neck
And knew she was a gentle soul.

I ensured I was not denying anything
When I gave those flawed people a chance,
Finding most to be quite pleasant.

I returned to your chamber,
Standing before you this time,
Seeing how small you really were.
How quiet your throne room was
In which you hid from your fears.

—–I unchained your dragon.

I brought in a few of those flawed people.

Squirming, you stopped talking,
Turning your face from me.

You wanted things unchanged.
You wanted your lies to remain.

I endured your silence
And your passive-aggressive snarls,
But you stopped inviting me inside
So I stopped coming by.

At a distance, I still hoped for you.
I hoped you would one day see
We are all hypocrites.
We are all judgmental.
All of us deny something.
All of us,
—–including you.

Will you ever come to realize
That an unchained dragon
Is a much better companion?

The one who stands before you
Is a better friend than those who bow.

Those who support you are not always good
And those who oppose are not always wrong.

You can still be king
Outside this lonely throne room

Out here
—–Where danger lurks

Where happiness dwells.


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