In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Unsung Heroes

Motion beginning in her soul
Pours over the curvature of her shoulder
Ending in the magnificent strokes of her brush

Colors delicately blend
Illusions of depth welcoming the eye
Inviting critic and enthusiast alike

Light hues carried on the wind
Dark hues from the canyon’s base
With transitional complexities between

She hears the aria of her dreams
Challenging her instruments to keep up
Orchestrating the chorus of iridescence

An acute ear accompanies the eye in bliss
With each pass of bristle against canvas
Melody resonates across multiple medias

Fingers impulsively extend as nostrils flare
The observer swallows Pavlovian salivation
Every sense yearning to behold her creation

The wall will receive only the dry remains
A recording of the artist’s private concert
Burned into the heart of this humble admirern


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